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Когда я увидел в топе App Store приложение 101-in-1 Games для iPad, у меня сразу же появилис...
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Алоха, друзья! Сегодня предлагаю новую тему для обсуждения — Смурфики: Легендарный забег. Ес...
Лучшие игры для iPad
Топ-10 игр самых разных жанров, разбитый по сезонам. На все игры есть подробный обзор и геймплейное видео.

Автор Тема: Список твиков, работающих на iOS 7 и поддерживающих 64-битный процессор  (Прочитано 3663 раз)

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Оффлайн Vital83

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  • Любитель твиков для iOS7
Наслаждайтесь, друзья!

Name   64bit Support?
360   Yes
1Pal (1Password Auto Login)   Yes
2x2 Folder Icons   No
360 Vault   No
3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6)   Yes
5 Row Custom iPad Keyboard   Yes
5 Row Customizable Keyboard for iPhone   Yes
7Folder Relayout   Yes
Accelerate   No
Accentify   No
AccountChanger   Yes
AccountChanger TS   Untested
Action Menu   Yes
Action Menu Plus Pack   Yes
Activate Command   Yes
Activate Link   Yes
Activator   Yes
Activity Pro   Yes
ActivityAction for ActionMenu   Yes
AdBlocker   Yes
AdBlocker Flipswitch   Yes
AddNote for ActionMenu   Yes
afc2add   Yes
AirBlue Sharing   Yes
AirBlue Sharing   Yes
AirBlue Stack   Yes
Airplane SBSettings Toggle   Untested
akLocationX   Yes
AlarmControl   Yes
AlarmRestrict7   Yes
AllMail   Yes
aLock4Line   Yes
aLock4WeChat   Yes
aLock4WhatsApp   Yes
AlwaysClear   Yes
AndroidLock XT   Untested
AnimateAll   Yes
AnimateAll HD   Yes
Anique v2 Clock iWidget   No
anyBadge   Yes
AnyRing   Yes
App Activate   Yes
App Language Switcher   Yes
App Stat   Yes
App Tracker   Untested
App Update Manager   Untested
AppList   Yes
Applocker   Yes
AppSwitcher QLPanel   Untested
Apptray   Untested
AquaBoard - Liquid SpringBoard   Yes
Arabic Keyboard Decorated   Untested
Ask Assistant   Yes
AskToCall   Yes
AskToSend   Yes
Assistant Unrestrictor   Yes
Australian BOM Weather+   Yes
Auto AppTranslate   Yes
AutoBrightness   Yes
Awake Speech   Yes
Axle   No
Background Manager   Yes
BackupIt   Untested
Badge Customizer   Yes
BadgeClearer   Yes
BarMagnet   Yes
Barrel   Yes
BatteryLife   Yes
BatteryPeek   Yes
BatterySafe   No
BetrFoldr   No
Bigify   Yes
Bigify+   Yes
BioLaunch   Yes
BioLockdown   Yes
BioProtect   Yes
BitCoin for Notification Center   No
biteSMS   Yes
Bloard   Yes
BlockSubtitle   Yes
Blue & Gray   Untested
BlurBar   Yes
BlurredMusicApp   Yes
Bolt   No
Boover   Yes
Browser Changer   Yes
BTstack   Yes
Burst mode   Yes
BytaFont 2   Yes
Caffeine 2   Yes
Calendar for Lockscreen   Untested
Call on GV Pro   Yes
CallBar   Yes
CallController   Yes
CallerID Greece   Yes
CallLockScreen   Yes
CamBlur7   Yes
CamRotate   Yes
CamVolZoom   Yes
CamZoomNoReset   Yes
Capture View   Yes
Carkit Flipswitch   Untested
CC Deseparator   Yes
CCClockOpenToAlarm   Yes
CCControls   Yes
CCHide   Yes
CCLoader   Yes
CCNowPlaying   Yes
ccpinfo for Control Center   Yes
CCQuick   Yes
CCQuick Pro   Yes
CCSettings   Yes
CCSettings Support for SSH and WallProxy   Untested
CCToggles   Yes
ChinaMGT   Untested
Chinese Calendar for Notification Center   Yes
Chinese Calendar Pro for Notification Center   Yes
Chip   Yes
ClassicSwitcher   Untested
CleanCC   Yes
CleanStatus   No
Clear Badges   Yes
ClearFolder   Yes
ClearOnOpen   Yes
Cleary   Yes
CleverPin   Yes
Cloaky   Yes
Color Keyboard   No
ColorFlow   Yes
Colorize   Untested
Confirm Launch iOS 7   Yes
ConfirmKill   Yes
ControlTask   Yes
Copy9   Untested
Core Utilities   Yes
CrazyCall   Untested
customLS   Yes
CyDelete7   Yes
Cydia   Yes
Cydia Substrate   Yes
Cylay   Untested
Cyntact   No
Darwin CC Tools   Partial
DataMonitor   Untested
DateCarrier   Yes
Destify   Yes
DimInCall   Untested
Dimmer   No
DimWithFlash   Yes
Disable Parallax Effect   Yes
DisableLaunch 2   Yes
DismissMyKeyboard   Yes
DisplayRecorder   Yes
Dock   Untested
DockShift   Yes
Double At   No
Dreher App   Untested
EasySpring   Yes
Edit Alarms   Yes
Emphasize   No
Erica Utilities   Yes
Exchange Unlock iOS7   Yes
ExchangePolicyCleaner   Yes
Exigency   Yes
f.lux   Yes
f.lux Flipswitch   Yes
Facebook Sound Fix   Yes
FaceDetectionDuringVideo   Yes
FaceTimeAudioEnabler   Yes
Fake GPS   Yes
Fake GPS Lite    Yes
Fake GPS Pro   Yes
Fake Operator   Yes
FakeCarrier   Yes
Fast Forward   Untested
Fav   Yes
Favorite Contacts 7 for NotificationCenter   Untested
FB Unlimited Chat Heads   Yes
Find My Friends Location Spoofer   Yes
Find My iPhone China Corrector   Yes
Firewall iP7   Yes
Five Icon Dock   No
Five-Column SpringBoard   Yes
FlagPaint   No
Flashorama   Yes
Flat Notes   Yes
FlipLaunch   Yes
Flipswitch   Yes
FMFIP Spoofer   Yes
FolderCloser   Yes
Front HDR   Yes
FrontFlash   Yes
FullForce   Yes
FullForce for Phone   Yes
FullScroll   Yes
GlowDock   Yes
GmailSender   Yes
Googiri   Yes
Gotha   Yes
Gridlock 2.0   Yes
GroupRinger   Untested
GroupRinger Lite   Yes
GroupSend   Yes
GrowlNotifier   Yes
gUICache for CCToggles   Yes
GuizmoDNS   Untested
GuizmOVPN   Yes
HapticPro   Yes
HD Enabler for YouTube   Yes
HiddenSettings7   Yes
Hijri Date Widget IOS7+   Yes
HomescreenDesigner   Untested
Hong Kong Carrier Logos   Untested
HUDDismiss   Yes
HudSlider   Yes
HueHueHue   Untested
IB Graphics Selector   Yes
iBatteryInfo   Yes
iBatteryInfoPro   Untested
iBlacklist   Yes
iBlank for iOS 7   Yes
iBluever OnDemand   Untested
iCallAnnounce   Yes
iCaughtU   Yes
iCaughtU Pro   Yes
iCleaner   Yes
iClock iWidget   Untested
Icon Renamer   Yes
Icon Tool   Yes
IconBounce   Yes
Iconoclasm   Yes
IconSupport   Yes
iDynamic   Untested
iFBA - Multi-Arcade Emulator   Untested
iFile   Yes
iGotYa   Yes
iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPad/iPhone/iPod   Yes
iKeywi   Yes
iMeasure   Yes
ImmediateSend   Untested
Imperium   Untested
iMusicShareCC for Control Center   Yes
Infiniboard   Yes
Infinidock   Yes
Infinifolders   Yes
Infinite Tweet 2   Yes
InfinityTask   Yes
InfoHider   Yes
Inform Me   Yes
InfoStats   Yes
Insomnia Pro   Yes
Instahancer   Yes
InstaLauncher   Yes
IntelliID   Yes
Invert Colors Flipswitch   Yes
InvisibleFolders   Yes
ipEQ for iPhone   Yes
iProtect   Yes
iTouchSecure   Yes
iTunes Radio Unlimited   Yes
iUnlock   Untested
iWebBoost   Untested
iWhiteboard   Yes
iWidget Pack 1 by June   Yes
iWidgets   Yes
iWidgetTapper   Yes
Jailbreaking 101   Yes
KeenCenter   Yes
KillBackground   No
knowy0urCallActive   Yes
konect   Yes
LandscapeVideos   Yes
LastApp   Yes
LD64   Partial
Learn Web Programming Pro   Untested
libpush   Yes
libstatusbar   Yes
LinkOpener   No
Live Battery Indicator   No
Live Effects Enabler   Yes
LiveImageView   Yes
LivelyIcons   Yes
LiveWeatherIcon   Yes
LLBPano   Yes
LLVM + Clang   Partial
LocationFaker   Yes
LocationHolic   Yes
LocationHolic(GoogleMaps)   Yes
Lock Screen Tool   Yes
Lockdown Lite   No
Lockdown Pro iOS 7   Yes
LockInfo 5   No
LockMemos   No
LockMemosPlus   Untested
LockY0urApp   Yes
LockY0urAppFree   Yes
Lunar Calendar for Notification Center   Yes
Lyco   No
Lyricalizer   Yes
Mail More Photos   Yes
MapsAllCountries   Yes
Menu Button Emulator   Yes
MesaVibrate   Yes
Messages Conversation Photos   Yes
Messages Customiser   Yes
MessageShower   Yes
MiniPlayer   Yes
MobileTerm Backgrounder   Untested
MobileTerminal   Yes
MojiPhoto   Yes
MongolKeyboard for iPhone   Yes
Mono Audio Flipswitch   Yes
Monobar   No
Motion   Untested
MuFunNC   Untested
MultiIconMover   Yes
MultiIconMover+   Yes
MultiLS   Yes
Multitasking Gestures Switch   Yes
MusicalSwitcher   Yes
MusicGestures   No
MuteIcon   Yes
My3G   Yes
MyAssistive   Yes
MyName   No
MyVibe   Yes
MyWi 7   Untested
Navigate From Maps   Yes
NCAllOnly   Yes
NCObey   Yes
NCSettings   No
NCSingleTapClear   Yes
Netatalk Flipswitch   Yes
NetworkList   Yes
NewTabSearch   Yes
NextGenUI   Yes
Nitrous   Untested
No Alerts Private Browsing   Yes
No Icon Badges   Yes
No Lockscreen Camera   Yes
No Page Bounce   Yes
No Page Dots   No
No Passcode Block   No
No Percent Sign   Yes
No Skype Preview   Yes
No Switcher Icons   Yes
NoCameraGrabber   No
NoChineseSNS   Yes
NoDictation   Yes
NoNewMark   No
NoNewsIsGoodNews   Yes
NoPageDots7   Yes
NoPowerDown   No
NoSlowAnimations   Yes
NoSpot iOS 7   Yes
NoStatusBar   No
NoStoreButton   No
NoteCreator   Yes
NoUninstall   Yes
NoVibratedWakeup   Yes
NoVoiceMail   Yes
NowListening   Yes
NowNow   Yes
NTPdate   Untested
OmniStat for Notification Center   No
OnDemand Tethering Support   Yes
OneByOne Contacts   Yes
OnlyOneNotification   Yes
Open   Untested
Open In App For Photos   Yes
Open in YouMail   Yes
OpenSSH   Yes
OpenSSL   Yes
OSLite7   Yes
Overachiever   Yes
OverBoard   Untested
OwnSpy   Yes
PadClock   Yes
PandoraSkips   Yes
Parallax enaBlur   Yes
PassIt   Yes
PasswordPilot   No
PdaNet   Yes
Percentage   Yes
Persian Keyboard iOS5+   Yes
PersianDate7   Untested
Phantom   No
Photo Blackground   Yes
Photo Info   Yes
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2   Yes
PhotoTorch   Yes
Piano Passcode   Yes
PictureFrameCenter   No
PkgBackup   Untested
Platinum   Yes
Plugication   No
Poof   No
Power Button Emulator   Yes
PowerDown Enhancer   Yes
PowerDown for QuickDo   Yes
PowerSaver   Untested
PowerSoundDisabler   Yes
PPPOE   Untested
Prayer Time in NC Today   Untested
PredictiveKeyboard   Yes
PreferenceLoader   Yes
Printify   Yes
PrivaCy   No
Private Space   Yes
ProceduralWallpaperLoader   Yes
Protect My Privacy   Yes
ProTube   Yes
ProTube Extension for YouTube   Yes
ProTube HD   Yes
ProxyManager   Yes
Purge   Yes
PurpEX 7 iWidget   Untested
Push for Gmail   Yes
PwnTunes for iOS 7   Untested
QuickActivator   Untested
QuickCall   Untested
QuickClear   Yes
QuickEmoji   Untested
QuickGestures 2   Untested
QuickShoot Pro 2   Yes
QuickWarning   Yes
Railway   Untested
Random Icon Flip   Yes
Readr   Yes
Reboot Flipswitch   Yes
Record 'n' Torch   Yes
RecordMyScreen (App)   No
RecordMyScreen (Tweak)   Yes
Reeder2Enhancer   Yes
Remind Me   Yes
Remove Badges   Yes
Remove Recents   Yes
Repocreate7   Untested
Reset-Safari Flipswitch   Yes
ResetAllKiller   No
Revelation   Untested
Rich Text For Mail   Untested
RightX   Yes
Ringdom   Untested
Ringer & Tones   Yes
RocketBootstrap   Untested
roqyBT7   Untested
Rotation Lock Flipswitch   Untested
RushPlayer+   Untested
Safari Resetter   Untested
Samba   Untested
SBInfoGrabber iOS 7   Yes
SBPowerAlert   Yes
SBProfiles   Yes
SBRotator 7   Yes
SBSettings   No
sbutils   No
ScreenDimmer   Yes
Screenshot Dam   Yes
SearchAmplius   Untested
SearchLoader   Yes
Season Wallpaper   Yes
Secretary   Yes
SelectiveReading   Untested
ShadowSocks   Untested
ShakeToUndo Killer   No
Share Widget for Control Center   Untested
Share Widget for iOS 7   Yes
ShowCase   Yes
ShowIP for NotificationCenter   Partial
Sicarius   Yes
SideSettings   Untested
Signal Booster   No
Signal Booster   Untested
SilentMode Switcher   Yes
SimpleWiFi for NotificationCenter   No
Simplock   Yes
SiriNoConfirm   Yes
SkipLock   Yes
SleekSleep   Untested
SleepFX   Yes
Slide2Kill 7   Yes
SlideForUsage   Yes
SMS on GV 7   Yes
SMSContactPhotos7   Yes
SMSNinja   Yes
SnoozeOrStop   No
Software Update Killer   No
Space+   Untested
Spectral   Yes
SPOOF   Untested
Spoof CallerID and Voice changer   Untested
SpringBoardAccess   Yes
Springtomize 2   No
SPTouch   Yes
StatusHUD 2   Yes
StatusModifier   Yes
Stealth Cam   Yes
Still Capture Enabler 2   Yes
Substrate Safe Mode   Yes
SwipeDown   Yes
SwipeNav   Yes
SwipeSelection   Yes
SwipeSelection Pro   Untested
SwipeShiftCaret   Yes
SwipeToRespring   No
Swipey   Yes
SwitcherDismiss   Yes
SwitchSpring   Yes
TabLess   Yes
TapTapFolder   Yes
TapTodaysCalendar   Yes
TetherMe   Yes
TetherStatus   Yes
ThumbsUp   Yes
TimeForAlarm   Yes
ToneEnabler   Yes
Totarya   Yes
TouchPose+   Yes
Touchy   Yes
Transparency   Yes
TransparentCameraBar   Yes
TransparentDock   Yes
TransparentVolume   Yes
TryGpsOut5 for iOS 5/6/7   Untested
TryOBD   Untested
tsProtector P   Yes
TVLocker Pro   Yes
TweetAmplius   Yes
Tweetbot API   Yes
TypeStatus   No
TypingPrivacy   Untested
UIKit Tools   Yes
Underachiever   Yes
Uninstall Application Size   Yes
UnlimTones   No
unlockr   Untested
UnlockSound7   Yes
Unrestricted Folders Naming   Yes
UpsideDown   Yes
Userscripts Loader   Yes
Video Zoom Mod   Yes
VideoPace   Yes
VideoPane   Yes
VineDownloader   Yes
Virtual Home   Yes
VoiceChange   Untested
VoiceChanger   Yes
VoicemailRemoveriOS7   Yes
Volume Amplifier   Yes
VolumeCustomize   No
Wake Info   Yes
Wake With Weather   Yes
WelcomeMe   No
WhatsAtor   No
WhoIsCalling   No
WiCarrier   Yes
WiFi Booster   Yes
WiFi Passwords   Yes
WiFiFoFum Pro   Yes
WinterBoard   Yes
WiPi   Yes
xCon   No
XPasscode   Yes
YouTubed   Yes
Zephyr   No
Zeppelin   Yes
Не самый общительный в мире человек, но здесь как дома.

Онлайн Главный котэ

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Очень интересно, кинул ссылочку подписчикам нашей группы в ВК
Пишу про приложения для iPad на http://madeforipad.ru.

Оффлайн Vital83

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  • Любитель твиков для iOS7
Очень интересно, кинул ссылочку подписчикам нашей группы в ВК

Я тестировать все не взялся ,уж очень муторный был бы процесс, да и с айпадом все никак проблемы не решу свои, до сих пор в ремонте. А кидать сюда скриншоты айфоновские это комильфо совсем :-)
Не самый общительный в мире человек, но здесь как дома.